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Note: A "lookup" means there is one specific record collection to check for a
particular date and person. Otherwise, it is considered "research."

About Us

Who is atFHL?

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atFHL is a large team of professional genealogists whose main work location is inside the world famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.

We perform research and record retrieval. We also translate records, find biological family, interpret and apply DNA test analysis, complete society applications for membership, and perform historical research.  

We leverage the vast record collections housed within the FHL, the majority of which are not accessible online or anywhere else.

We have helped thousands of people find and access the records that are inaccessible because they are not online.

We invite you to save the cost of purchasing airline tickets, lodging, restaurants, and other expenses, by having us find and send you the records you need.  .

What is the FHL?


The FHL is the Family History Library located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  It is the world’s largest genealogical repository with almost 150,000 square feet spread out over five floors. It is owned and operated by FamilySearch. 

The records at the FHL include:

  • Birth, marriage, death
  • Church, synagogue
  • Cemetery
  • Census (state, federal, national)
  • City directories
  • Family histories, genealogies
  • Immigration 
  • Military
  • Naturalization
  • Newspapers
  • Obituaries
  • Probate, land, court
  • Town, county, city, family

A quick check of the FamilySearch Catalog shows just under 1.5 million family history record collections that are only available onsite at the FHL. 

Why Hire atFHL?


When choosing to hire a professional genealogy firm, there are at least two great reasons to choose atFHL:

1. Affordable

The price atFHL charges is much more affordable than other firms. You'll be amazed by how much you will save. Because we do not have the excessive overhead costs of our competitors, such as advertising, we pass the savings onto you. With atFHL you get the same research (often performed by the same researchers) at a fraction of the cost.

2. Location, Location, Location

The mecca for family history research is the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The FHL is the world’s largest family history archive. Most of these records are only available within the walls of the FHL as they have not yet been digitized. The only research firm that is located within the FHL is atFHL. 

The choice is clear. No other research firm offers these great benefits. When you are ready to hire a professional research firm, hire the best, hire atFHL.com.

What is a Lookup and how does it differ from Research?

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atFHL specializes in providing lookups and research from the world-famous Family History Library.

Lookup: A request to retrieve a record where you know the location and information of a singular event. The film number, event information, and persons involved are known.Usually involves 1 to 5 pages to be scanned or downloaded. The record does not need to be ordered (purchased)..

Research: A request where there is not enough information to immediately locate the desired document(s). This type of request also applies when you wish to have more than 5 pages of documents scanned from films, images, books, etc.

What is the FHRN?


The FHRN is our in-house automated system for finding the best professional genealogists for your project anywhere in the world.

Our Family History Research Network (FHRN) consists of over 3,000 professional genealogists worldwide who have been hand-picked, interviewed, and thoroughly vetted.  It's not easy to join this network.  You must submit an application, provide samples of your work, provide references, and demonstrate an unmatched passion for family history research.

As a result, we have trusted experts throughout the world to locate the records needed. 

Most family history research firms consist of just one or at most, a handful of genealogists. What do these firms do when they need access to records that are in a different location and not accessible online?  Thanks to our FHRN, we simply notify our "boots on the ground" genealogists and obtain the records we need.

What do other firms do when they do not have the requisite expertise to research one or more of your ancestors?  Thanks to our FHRN, we simply contact one or more of the professional genealogists in our FHRN to get the expertise needed.

atFHL Primary Services

Note: Research and Record Retrieval (Lookups) are available throughout the world.

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atFHL Team Leads


professional genealogist, Family history library, FHL, record retrieval, genealogists

Jim created and managed the family history research firm Genealogists.com for several years.  He has over 30 years experience performing research and record retrieval at the Family History Library and at numerous other archives worldwide.

A professional genealogist since 2012, Jim has helped thousands of clients worldwide connect with their ancestors by providing countless hours of research and untold numbers of lookups. 

Jim has traveled extensively, lived abroad, is fluent in French, and is very familiar with the challenges of locating records.


genealogist, family history researcher

James recently completed his bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with emphases in Family History, Entrepreneurship, and History at BYU-Idaho. 

Since 2012, James has been providing people world over with records from the vast collections held at the FHL. He worked for FamilySearch in the Family History Library for 2 years.

Currently James is working on his professional accreditation by the International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists, ICAPGen℠


genealogist, historian, family history researcher

After writing Stella Castellucci's biography "Diving Deep for Sea Shells," Edgar developed an interest in researching his own family that led him to become a professional genealogist.

Born in Mexico and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Edgar's ancestors hail from Spain, Poland, Croatia, and Germany. He has a Genealogical Research Certificate from Boston University and dedicates himself to the field.

A writer, researcher, and archivist, Edgar is currently working toward BCG Certification. He loves helping others uncover their family history and roots. 


Family history library, FHL, record retrieval, professional genealogist

Jo has over 25 years of experience performing research and record retrieval at the Family History Library before joining atFHL.

Jo is a current member of the National Genealogical Society (NGS); past member of the Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) and Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS), and three genealogical societies (UGA, GSNJ, and SBCGS).

Jo has over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience, retiring as a Detective Sergeant.

Our Researchers

atFHL Genealogists

Your specific project's research and record retrieval will be performed by one or more of our professional genealogists. Which specific ones depend on the skills, experience, and qualifications required to meet your project’s objectives. 

We are the same researchers ones who do projects for the expensive firms. The only difference is that we do not charge as much because we do not have their excessive overhead costs, such as advertising.. 

We are members of professional organizations and societies. Many are Accredited Genealogists (AG) or Certified Genealogists (CG). Most of us have FamilySearch certifications or university degrees in Family History. 


Are you an experienced genealogist who enjoys the challenge of family history research?  Do you know how to find records that others can't?  

Would you like to perform research and record retrieval for thousands of clients worldwide? Do you have extensive experience and training providing lookups and research?

If so, we would love to hear from you.  Email us at research@atFHL.com.  

atFHL Success Stories

Marriage Records

marriage, vital record, FHL, record retrieval, genealogists

"Thank you atFHL for finding my grandmother Sofia Florko who was married in Lviv, Ukraine in 1941. I am so glad I hired a professional family history research firm to find her marriage certificate.  Saved me countless  to help in my family search."

Death Certificates

death, vital record, professional genealogist, Family history library, FHL, record retrieval,

"What a wonderful service atFHL provides.  What talented researchers. My mind was all over the place today with all the stimuli in the Family History Library. You have great researchers. Truly a rare find and wonderful people. Thank you atFHL" 


obituary, professional genealogist, Family history library, FHL, record retrieval

"I needed the obituary for Susanna Henshaw, 43, South Bend, Indiana who died Monday, April 8, 1926, in her home, following a year long illness with cancer.  Your amazing genealogists found it in no time."

Births and Baptisms

birth, vital record, professional genealogist, Family history library, FHL, record retrieval, genealogists,

"Thank you for finding the birth record) in Paris, France for Alfred duPerret. Thanks to you, I know now he came to the USA in the 1840s and was married in New York City in 1862 to Bernadette Locke."

Probates and Estates

probate, estate, professional genealogist, FHL, record retrieval, genealogists

"I cannot thank you enough for finding the probate records for Alfred Williamson who died in Boone County, West Virginia, USA in 1889. I never thought we would learn what happened to the family owned land at the time of his death." .

Wills and Testaments

will, testament, professional genealogist, FHL, record retrieval, genealogists

"I had been trying to decide whether to hire professional help.  I'm so glad I did. atFHL managed to find the last will and testament for Maxine L. Yearton, died Jan. 15, 1982 in Vernon, Windham County, Vermont, born Aug. 14, 1898."

Member of APG

Association of Professional Genealogists

The president of atFHL and many of the atFHL researchers are members of the Association of Professional Genealogists. APG strives to support, guide, and protect all aspects of genealogy as a profession and promotes the highest standard of ethics and professionalism among our members. 



atFHL is independent from FamilySearch and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, although both have approved the content of the site.