FHL Research & Record Retrieval

Why Hire a Professional Firm?

The decision to hire a professional genealogist need not be difficult. Typically, you will benefit most from hiring a professional if you encounter one or more of the following situations:


  • Obtain records from any state or country  thanks to network of 3,000 genealogists
  • Build Family Trees from scratch 
  • Convert paper trees to electronic format
  • Strengthen, and extend Family Trees
  • Find descendants of individuals for legal matters, such as estates
  • Use DNA test results to find relatives
  • Break through brick walls
  • Solve family mysteries
  • Join ancestral membership organizations
  • Translate documents
  • Find biological family members for adopted family members 

We customize our research services to fit your specific needs. If you lack time, knowledge, tools, expertise, or access to records, you will benefit from engaging the services of our professional genealogists.

Why Choose atFHL?

6 Great Reasons


When the decision is reached to hire a professional genealogy firm, how do you determine which of the many firms to choose. There are at least three great reasons to choose atFHL:

Reason 1: Affordable

atFHL charges 75% less than our competitors. Get a quote from another firm and then get a quote from atFHL. You'll be amazed by the amount of money you will save with atFHL, with no sacrifice in quality.

Reason 2: Located at FHL

atFHL is the only research firm located within the Family History Library, the world’s largest family history archive. Most of these records are not available anywhere else. 

Reason 3: FHRN Collaboration

The atFHL Family History Research Network consists of 3,000+ professional genealogists worldwide. We access the records where they are located with the expertise needed.

Reason 4: Knowledge of Available Records 

The atFHL researchers know what records are available and where, including the over 75% of records needed that are not online. 

Reason 5: Customized Research 

atFHL customizes the amount of research according to the needs of our clients. Your objectives, your budget, your research project.

Reason 6: Quality Deliverables 

atFHL provides a research calendar/log documenting our research and the documents and records found. Our deliverables are reviewed by two or more genealogists to ensure quality.

The choice is clear. No other research firm offers these great benefits. When you are ready to hire a professional research firm, hire the best, hire atFHL.com.

Our Research Process


Step 1. Scope

atFHL scopes and de-risks the project based on your objectives and what you have already found.

Step 2. Match

atFHL matches you with the best-qualified researchers from our Family History Research Network (FHRN) of over 3,000 professional genealogists worldwide.

Step 3. Strategy

atFHL creates a research plan for meeting your objectives and determines the price of implementation..

Step 4. Review

You review the plan to make sure it’s the right research path for you and your budget.

Step 5. Management

atFHL manages your project through to successful completion, ensuring its completed on time and on budget and ensuring the highest quality deliverables.

Our Researchers


All research performed by atFHL is done by professional genealogists who we have been thoroughly vetted. 

It’s not easy to be a researcher for atFHL. Before you can perform research for atFHL, we review one or more of the projects a researcher has completed. We check their references. But perhaps most importantly — we make sure that our researchers are as passionate about genealogy and serving each individual client as we are.

Based inside the world’s largest family history library, atFHL has established a worldwide network of over 3,000 professional genealogists worldwide.


Our customized system will identify the best-qualified researchers within our network for your project. We then confer with these hand-picked, tested, and trained professional genealogists to determine together how to best find your ancestors. 

Unlike most family history research firms, atFHL does not employ “sales” people with little or no research experience. All of our staff are professional genealogists. As a result, we do not try to “sell” you a research package. 

Before we begin research on a project, one of our experienced professional genealogists will scope and remove the risk from your project.